7 Flavorful Recipes for Fresh Margaritas on the Rocks

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Calling all margarita lovers! Our list of 7 Flavorful Recipes for Fresh Margaritas on the Rocks is a tasty way to kick off your summer cocktail sipping season. Try one or – better yet – try them all!

Love margaritas? We do, too, and our list of 7 Flavorful Recipes for Fresh Margaritas on the Rocks has something for everyone. Although margaritas can always be enjoyed year-round (and we definitely follow that rule), many people see May as the kickoff to margarita season. With warm summer weather and Cinco de Mayo just around the corner, we could think of no better way to honor one of our favorite cocktails than with a collection of 7 of our recipes for Fresh Margaritas on the Rocks. You’ll find no blenders and no bottled mixers here. Just the freshest, most flavorful ingredients for your summer sipper.

Stick with the tried and true fresh margaritas on the rocks recipe (straight from the bartender of our favorite Mexican vacation resort) or sample one of our other flavorful combinations like blueberry, elderflower and key lime. There are no wrong choices here; just a lot of opportunities for delicious “experimentation”. (Tough gig, I know.)

Tip: All of these recipes can be easily scaled to make the number of drinks you need. We make pitchers of these fresh margaritas on the rocks to serve as big batch cocktails for our backyard BBQs. Looking for more batch-style cocktails? Check out our roundup of 5 Big Batch Cocktails – great for groups!

These Golden Margaritas are easy to make as batch cocktails!1. We kick off our fresh margaritas on the rocks collection with a Golden Margarita recipe that Lisa discovered on vacation in Mexico. It doesn’t get more authentic than that. This Golden Margarita is our official “house margarita” recipe and might quickly become yours, too.

Need a batch cocktail recipe for a party? Whip up a pitcher of these gorgeous Blood Orange Margaritas ahead of time and relax with your guests instead of tending bar!2. The gorgeous scarlet color of these Blood Orange Margaritas for a Crowd are irresistible. This citrus twist on a classic lime margarita has a just a hint of berry flavor and is a show-stopping option to serve your guests.

Few party cocktails are simpler than this 3-ingredient recipe for refreshing Beer Margaritas.3. Need to please a group of beer drinkers, too? Give them a glass of these 3-ingredient Beer Margaritas and turn those suds-loving souls into margarita fans after just one sip.

This 3-ingredient Elderflower Margarita makes perfect batch cocktails for your summer parties on the deck. We were so surprised (and thrilled) at how well elderflower liqueur and tequila go together. This easy cocktail is a must try!4. Although we love elderflower liqueur in many different cocktails (our Elderflower Vodka  Lemonade might just be our second favorite summer cocktail), we were skeptical of including it in a margarita. Silly us. The slightly sweet and floral notes of the elderflower liqueur take the place of simple syrup in this recipe and are the perfect balance to the strongly flavored reposado tequila. The Elderflower Margarita is a must try.

Nobody will mess with this Texas Margarita! Enjoy the twist on the traditional margarita with pineapple juice and a little spice from a jalapeno pepper!5. Craving a little kick in your cocktail? This Texas Margarita is for you. Pineapple juice and muddled jalapeño tickle your taste buds in this bold beverage – in a very good way.

These gorgeous Blueberry Margaritas are made with just a handful on ingredients and are the perfect batch cocktail for your next summer gathering!6. These fuschia-hued beauties may look sickly sweet, but the truth is our Blueberry Margaritas are far from overbearing. Fresh mint keeps the flavors in these margaritas light and bright while the blueberries lend their own natural sweetness to the mix resulting in a well-balanced drink that goes down far too easily.

Wow your friends and your taste buds with these Key Lime Margaritas! Perfectly balanced cocktail that is only made with 4 ingredients!7. We know you guys are crazy about our Easy Key Lime Pie recipe, but we didn’t know how you would feel about adding that sweet-tart key lime flavor to a margarita. We shouldn’t have worried. Judging by your response, these 4-ingredient Key Lime Margaritas are tops on your cocktail list, too.

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Want to spice up your summer cocktails? Try something new from our list of 7 Flavorful Recipes for Fresh Margaritas on the Rocks.

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