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Crock Pot Banana Bread Oatmeal

Overnight Crock Pot Banana Bread Oatmeal

Last week’s cold snap reminded me how much I love warm breakfasts. Truthfully any type of hot food was welcome during that freakishly freezing weather, but there is something so comforting and satisfying about a toasty bowl of oatmeal to start the day. Plus it keeps me full for the entire morning. That doesn’t mean I’ve moved on from my favorite morning baked goods, though. This Crock Pot Banana Bread Oatmeal is an delicious compromise and creates a tempting aroma that coaxes even the sleepiest of heads out of bed in the morning. 

Oatmeal cooked in the Crock Pot can be notoriously fickle. Some units run hotter than others, and removing the lid hours later often reveals crusty, overbaked oatmeal edges. The solution? A Crock Pot water bath. Get out your large Crock Pot for this recipe, and find a heat proof container that will fit inside it (I used CorningWare, but Pyrex would work well, too). Combine all of the ingredients in the CorningWare and then place it in the middle of your Crock Pot. Add enough water to the Crock Pot until it is about an inch or so below the top of the CorningWare. Then step back and let ‘er cook. That tiny bit of effort ensures your oatmeal cooks gently and evenly in its toasty water bath. And no crusty edges means no scrubbing baked on oatmeal out of your Crock Pot the next day. Who wants to do dishes first thing in the morning? Not me. 

This Crock Pot Banana Bread Oatmeal keeps for a week in the fridge and needs just a bit of milk when reheating to bring the leftovers back to their glory. Feel free to play with the ingredient amounts to suit your taste. My kids would never say no to extra brown sugar, so that’s always an add-on at our house, while I load up my bowl with toasted pecans and a few banana slices. Though I’ll never give up my love for banana bread, this Crock Pot Banana Bread Oatmeal pretty much nails the best of both worlds. 

Overnight Crock Pot Banana Bread Oatmeal

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Crock Pot Banana Bread Oatmeal
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4-6
  • 3 cups milk
  • 2 very ripe bananas, mashed or pureed until smooth (I used frozen ones I had in my freezer)
  • 6 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 cup steel cut oats (do not substitute quick cooking or rolled oats as the consistency of the oatmeal will be off)
  • Water (for water bath)
  • Toasted, chopped pecans, optional
  • Banana slices, optional
  • Brown sugar, optional
  1. Combine milk, mashed banana, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, salt and oats in a heat proof bowl. Place in your Crock Pot and fill the Crock Pot with enough water so it is about one inch from the top of the bowl.
  2. Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours.
  3. When ready to serve, carefully remove hot bowl from Crock Pot. Gently stir oatmeal until it is thoroughly combined. Serve with pecans, banana slices and extra brown sugar.


  1. What a wonderful idea!!! That looks, and sounds fantastic! I have always been too scared to try crockpot oatmeal as I have heard too many horror stories…..and would like to have more than 6 hours sleep! This will be great to try! Thanks so much! I need to keep up my carbohydrate level for my high level of training, and oatmeal is a wonderful way to fuel up before a workout or race! Giving this a try asap! Thanks!
    Name * recently posted…Training Update 1/5-1/11My Profile

    • Hoping this hits the spot for you, Tina. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. YUM! I eat oatmeal every single day for breakfast, but have never made it in the crockpot! I love that I could make this ahead and have breakfast ready for the week. Perfect!

    • It’s always nice to have a new option to shake up the morning routine, right? Hope you enjoy it, Taylor!

  3. Since becoming pregnant I have eaten a lot of oatmeal–it keeps me feeling full and I know I can add the healthy good stuff to it. Love this slow cooker version! Delicious and easy to make! Thanks for sharing! Pinning!

    • That baby is going to be an oatmeal lover! :)

  4. I love the water bath tip! I have to eat better breakfasts, I think this is the perfect way to kick of my new meal plan! Pinning this for sure!
    Tanya Schroeder recently posted…{No More Manic Monday} Meal PlanMy Profile

    • The water bath rocks. No more crusty, dried out oatmeal edges!

  5. This is awesome for busy school mornings!
    Paula – bell’alimento recently posted…Easy Eggplant ParmigianaMy Profile

    • Amen. It’s nice to have breakfast taken care of so (if you’re like me) you can focus your attention on herding kids out the door.

  6. I’m not a huge oatmeal fan, but a total banana bread fan so I need to try this ASAP!

    • Hoping these steel cut oats win you over, Marnely!

  7. So this is gorgeous! Love your little water bath tip!!! Now if I could just get my kids to eat oatmeal…
    Heather @ Sugar Dish Me recently posted…Meal Plans Made Simple #2My Profile

    • Maybe a little extra banana, brown sugar and pecans will do the trick!

  8. This looks great! I’m not a morning person AT ALL, so I’m always on the lookout for easy breakfasts that are still substantial.
    Lauren @ Healthy Delicious recently posted…Spiced Banana Donut Holes #doughnutweekMy Profile

    • Perhaps the aroma of this oatmeal will make waking up a little bit easier, Lauren!

  9. Awesome trick with the water bath!!! Oatmeal is my winter breakfast staple, and I love the make ahead technique.

    • Making this in the Crock Pot allows for just a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings…who can’t use that?

  10. So smart and so pretty! I would never have thought to use a water bath to keep the oatmeal from dying out!

    • Nicole, it was new to me, too, but it sure is slick!

  11. Warm comforting oatmeal in the morning…yes. Scrubbing dishes in the morning…no way!!! I love the great tip on using another dish inside the crock pot to bake it evenly!!
    Jocelyn @BruCrew Life recently posted…Skinny Chocolate MuffinsMy Profile

    • The water bath is one of those slap-your-forehead-why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-before moments. :)

  12. Baked oatmeal is a favorite of mine during the winter months! Love the tip about the water bath!
    Jessica @ A Kitchen Addiction recently posted…Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken DipMy Profile

    • Thanks, Jessica. You can’t beat waking up to breakfast that’s already made!

  13. LOVE crockpot oatmeal and this version looks phenomenal!
    Rachel Cooks recently posted…Chicken Caesar Chicken Tenders {Chicken Plus 5 Ingredients!}My Profile

    • Thanks, Rachel!

  14. For a variety could you use other fruits instead of bananas? Mashed or pureed – Strawberries, peaches, blueberries or apples? Maybe a mixture of two? Would it still taste as good with all other ingredients, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, milk and just use whatever toppings you like?

    • Hi Diane, I haven’t made the recipe as written with any other ingredients, but it seems pretty forgiving. Apples seem like the easiest fruit to substitute, but give it a try with the other fruits you mentioned and simply omit the cinnamon until you taste the finished product. You can always stir it in before serving if you still want it. Or you may find another spice suits the flavor better. Happy experimenting!

  15. Made this oatmeal last night-what a great way to wake up this morning! It was so yummy and the water bath worked perfectly!

    • Yay! So glad the Baumanns enjoyed it!

      • Can’t wait to make this. Just wondering, how big of a Corningware dish did you use for the 3 cup milk 1 cup oats batch? Want to make sure it doesn’t overflow while cooking. Also do you think I could use water or almond milk for this? My LO has a dairy sensitivity.

        • I used my 1.6 L round CorningWare dish without any issues. And definitely experiment with the liquid of your choice. Enjoy!

  16. What if I don’t have a crock-pot? Is there anyway around this?

    • Hi Lauren, You can certainly make the oats on the stovetop (with the milk) and then mix in the remaining ingredients while everything is still warm. Hope that helps!

  17. This looks great – one quick question. I usually make my oatmeal with water instead of milk, do you think this recipe will hold up with this substitution?

    • Yes, feel free to substitute water for milk. Hope you enjoy!


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