Mexican Grilled Corn

Put a new twist on one of summer’s favorite foods with this lip-smacking Mexican Grilled Corn!Mexican Grilled Corn

We almost always grill our corn in the summer. Heating up the house with a giant pot of boiling water holds no appeal to me when it’s already hot and humid. Besides that, I adore the taste of grilled corn. That little bit of char is exactly what I love. This recipe is our family’s version of Mexican Grilled Corn, or Elote, a street food served in Mexico.

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Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips (1 of 2)

Fresh Fruit Salsa

This Fresh Fruit Salsa is the most delicious way to use your bountiful supply of summer produce. Summer’s all about being easy, right? Grilling, dining alfresco, warm summer nights; it’s just too dang nice outside to be hanging out in the kitchen. And that’s where this Fresh Fruit Salsa is the perfect dessert choice for…

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Tomato Feta Pasta Salad 2015 (1 of 2)

Tomato Feta Pasta Salad

No summer picnic is complete without a pasta salad. This crowd-pleasing Tomato Feta Pasta Salad is packed with sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese and kalamata olives in every spoonful. Does anyone else love pasta salads as much as I do? They are really one of the perfect side dishes for summer. Especially when they don’t have mayo…

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Cucumber Basil Vodka Gimlet (1 of 2)

Cucumber Basil Vodka Gimlet

Keep cool this summer with a refreshing Cucumber Basil Vodka Gimlet! Gimlet? What the heck is a gimlet? Not to be confused with a similar sounding word (giblet – think turkey and Thanksgiving…definitely not the direction we’re going today), a gimlet is a cocktail usually made with either gin or vodka and sweetened lime juice….

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Watermelon Feta Salad 1

Watermelon Feta Salad

Salty feta and fresh mint dress up one of summer’s favorite fruits in this Watermelon Feta Salad.  Nothing screams summer like a wedge of watermelon. It is the quintessential summer fruit. My daughter is the biggest watermelon fan in our house and could easily go through a melon a week if I let her. Don’t…

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Grilled Hoisin Ribs

Hoisin Grilled Ribs

Ribs are a perennial crowd pleaser. These Hoisin Grilled Ribs give an old favorite an Asian flavored spin that is sure to earn even more fans.  What is it about ribs? People love ‘em.Maybe it’s that fall-off-the-bone tender meat. Or the fact that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat them with your hands. Or perhaps it’s…

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Mango Jicama Slaw 2015

Mango Jicama Slaw

Summer sides are all about making use of the freshest produce available, and this Mango Jicama Slaw is a sweet and savory twist on your typical BBQ side dish. I have nothing against regular cole slaw. In fact, it’s a must whenever we make pulled pork sandwiches. But sometimes you crave something a little more…

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Sriracha Grilled Shrimp with Blue Cheese (2 of 2)

Sriracha Grilled Shrimp with Blue Cheese

It’s official. School is out.  We’re celebrating our first day of summer vacation with a family favorite: Sriracha Grilled Shrimp with Blue Cheese. There isn’t much that my family won’t eat when it is drenched in buffalo sauce, so I knew that the latest addition to Stubb’s Bar-B-Q arsenal, Texas Sriracha Anytime Sauce, was going to…

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Grilled Strawberry and Nutella Quesadillas (1 of 2)

Grilled Strawberry Nutella Quesadillas

The last day of school is Friday. What better way to kick off summer than with these Grilled Strawberry Nutella Quesadillas! As a work at home mom, the prospect of summer vacation is bittersweet. I couldn’t be happier to have a few months off of trying to coerce my kids from their warm beds before…

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