Welcome to Garnish with Lemon. We’re Lisa and Anna – two Minnesota moms who bonded over preschools, carpools and a love of good food.  Garnish with Lemon was born from our desire to inspire other families to eat well and to enjoy the process of cooking and creating in the kitchen.

We’re not classically trained chefs, just self-taught cooks who strive to make meal creation more approachable. Here you’ll find real food that we make. Meals our families eat. Recipes our friends always ask for. And a few tips and tricks we’ve learned along with way.

A little about us:


I love to travel, but I’ll always be a midwestern girl at heart.
Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, preferably if someone makes it for me.
I would live in black yoga pants if it was socially acceptable.
Despite all my best efforts, I can’t seem to develop a stomach for eggplant.
My husband and I enjoy “Wednesday Wine Night” at our house, which is merely an excuse to drink wine in the middle of the week.


I love to entertain. Spending time with family and friends, good food and good wine – these things make me happy.
Though I have spent most of my life in Minnesota, I was born in Alabama, so that may explain my passion of college football.
Planning a vacation is as much fun for me as actually going on the vacation. By the way, that vacation would ideally be on a beach and include a good book.
Tennis has become another passion of mine. A trip to Wimbledon or the French Open is now on my bucket list.
I have a slight addiction to goat cheese, but even this wonderful flavor can’t make a beet taste good.