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#GWL5Faves – 2nd edition

Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in All, Tips | 3 comments

Catch our latest crushes in this September edition of #GWL5Faves!



Last month we introduced a new series on Garnish with Lemon: #GWL5Faves. Every few weeks, we’re chatting with you about our favorite things. As the weather turns to cooler and the kids return to school, all thoughts turn to…..fall purses! And boots! Here’s what we’re crushing on this month. Enjoy! 

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5 Easy Tailgating Recipes

Posted by on Sep 9, 2014 in All, Tips | 3 comments

Make your pre-game party a snap with these 5 Easy Tailgating Recipes. 

5 Easy Tailgating Recipes

The hint of fall in the air can only mean one thing….

It’s football season! 

Growing up in Nebraska, football dominated our social calendar in the fall. It was always high school ball on Friday night followed college ball on Saturday. Now that I live in Minnesota, I can catch professional football on Sundays, too. All football, all the time. Which also means tailgating ALL.THE.TIME. 

Some may argue that a tailgating party is even better than watching your favorite teams battle it out on the gridiron. I won’t step into that hornet’s nest. Let’s just all eat, drink and be merry – inside or outside the stadium. 

Don’t miss five of our favorite quick and easy tailgating recipes to kick off your football season in a tasty way. 

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5 Healthy After School Snacks

Posted by on Sep 1, 2014 in All, Tips | 4 comments

Are your kids always ravenous after school? Feed your crew with five of our favorite Healthy After School Snacks!

5 Healthy After School Snacks

It never fails. No sooner do the kids walk in the door from school than they start asking what they can have for a snack. (All that learning must work up quite an appetite!) I could let them forage for themselves in the pantry, but the results of their efforts wouldn’t be even remotely well-balanced or nutritious. So I do my best to have some quick and easy snack options at the ready so they can enjoy a better-for-you bite after school instead of chowing down on junk food. Check out some of our favorite munchies in this list of Five Healthy After School Snacks

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23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in All, Tips | 16 comments

Need mealtime inspiration? Check out these 23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas.

23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas | Garnish with Lemon


Most of us have a few last minute meals that we whip out of our back pockets when life is crazy and kids are hungry. But, if you’re anything like me, I find myself relying on the same handful of recipes when time is tight. (A girl can only eat so many tacos, you know?) So in an effort to arm ourselves with new recipe inspiration for the busy school year, Lisa and I combed the internet for some fresh takes on the evening meal. Check out what we found in this collection of 23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas.

Want even more? Our ebook, The Well-Stocked Pantry, is stocked with 15 more of our tried-and-true, family favorite meals. Don’t miss it! 


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23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Posted by on Aug 9, 2014 in All, Breakfast, Tips | 4 comments

Kick off the school year in delicious fashion with these 23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas.

23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas | Garnish with Lemon

I get the shivers just thinking about the mad morning scrambles that are about to ensue with the start of the new school year. As much as I plan and encourage the kids to have everything they need ready to go, it’s inevitable that one (or both!) of them will have 5-alarm fire drill right before we’re ready to walk out the door. Some things are just out of my control. Fortunately breakfast isn’t one of them. If you’re looking for inspiration to break from the soggy cereal habit (no judging, we’ve all been there), check out this variety-packed list of 23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas for some tasty new ways to jumpstart the school year.

Now THIS is the part of going back to school that I can get excited about…breakfast! 

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Our 1st #GWL5Faves + Reader Survey!

Posted by on Aug 7, 2014 in All, Tips | 3 comments

Introducing our new blog series, #GWL5Faves, and the 2014 Reader Survey! 



A few weeks ago I was looking for something from Lisa in my string of text messages when I started to chuckle. 

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. We chat about a LOT of things. 

Yes, there is a large number of blog-related texting, but there are also long strings of texts that have absolutely nothing to do with Garnish with Lemon. Things like scoring a great deal on wine at our favorite liquor store, weighing in on the merits of prefinished hardwood floors, “Grrrrr…..I can’t find my black tank top!!”, and the *occasional* frustration with our kids. You know, really important, world peace-like stuff. 

In the end, we appreciate another perspective and sympathetic ear. So in the spirit of sharing things we’ve discovered and building our Garnish with Lemon community, we’re opening up our texts to you, our wonderful readers. Well, not literally, but that’s the inspiration for our new blog series, #GWL5Faves. Once or twice a month, we’ll choose five of our favorite finds, gadgets, musings, etc., and share them with you. Our hope is that you guys can learn a little more about us, and you can share some of your favorites with us, too! 

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