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This collection of 20+ of the Best Vodka Drinks will have your friends raving about your mixology skills!

Hosting a party or just looking for a new cocktail to sip?

You’ve come to the right place! We have been shaking up crowd-pleasing cocktails for over 7 years and have a collection of 20+ easy and delicious vodka cocktails! 

From easy martinis to batch cocktails to after-dinner drinks, we have you covered.  No matter what you decide to serve you can bet that people will be begging for the recipe.

Easy Vodka Drinks

Cocktails don’t get much easier than martinis but drinks with short ingredient lists call for high-quality ingredients. Don’t skimp on vodka and use a bar rail quality when you are making a martini.

This Lemon Drop Martini recipe only calls for 4 ingredients. When the list is that short use only the BEST. Save the less expensive stuff for cocktails where the taste isn’t so prevalent.

Trust us…. If you try and go the cheap route, you will be disappointed with the results AND end up with a headache in the morning. And nobody has time for that.

Best Drinks to Make with Vodka

Looking for that special cocktail to complete your party menu? Look no more because this Elderflower Martini will be your new go-to cocktail.

This easy cocktail definitely takes a little more time to pull together but once you make your own sweet and sour mix, you’ll taste the difference and never buy a bottle of mixer again.

The little things make a BIG difference.

Vodka Drink Recipes

Our wildly popular Cranberry Martini is a spin on a traditional Cosmopolitan but BETTER!

This easy twist will be a hit with your friends and have them all trying to guess what the secret ingredient is that makes it SO good. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to share, your secret is safe with us!

Don’t forget the easy party snacks!

It goes without saying that happy hour and appetizers are a match made in heaven. Look like the best host in town when you serve one of these Easy Cream Cheese Appetizers at your next gathering.

Any of these delicious party snacks will have everyone raving about your party planning skills.

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