Unique Drinks

The BEST Drinks to Make with Liqueurs

Have a few bottles of different liqueurs in your cabinet and don’t know what to do with them? We’ve got you covered!

From after-dinner drinks to dessert martinis to Aperol cocktails, we have more than 45+ easy cocktail recipes made with liqueurs. Your friends will think you’ve taken a crash course in how to be a professional bartender!

After Dinner Drinks

Sweet dessert martinis are one of our favorite indulgences. Why eat your dessert when you can drink it?

Made with 2 different chocolate liqueurs and vanilla vodka this wildly popular Chocolate Martini recipe is rich & creamy and the best “adult” chocolate milk you’ve ever had!

Love Kahlúa? We do too! This Kahlúa Chocolate Martini is a decadent spin on a traditional chocolate martini and will definitely be a party favorite.

Aperol Cocktails

Not familiar with Aperol? Aperol is a bright orange-hued Italian aperitif that is often served to help stimulate the appetite before a meal. Because of its unique flavor (think slightly sour orange, tart rhubarb and a few bitter herbs all mixed together), most people don’t drink it straight up.

But its distinct flavor makes it is great option to mix with other spirits to make a stunning drink. Don’t be frightened by the vibrant color or unique flavor. Aperol takes your ordinary cocktails and makes them stunning (in both look AND taste).

Here are 2 of our favorite Aperol Drinks:

  1. Combine Aperol, gin, lime and cucumber and you have a refreshing  Aperol Gin Cocktail that will cool you off on any hot day.
  2. You wouldn’t guess that the strong flavors of both Aperol and bourbon would work well together, but they do! Plus the gorgeous hue of these Bourbon Aperol Cocktails can’t be matched.

Don’t forget the food!

Irish cream isn’t only good in cocktails. It’s a great way to take a plain dish and make it extraordinary.

This Bailey’s French Toast is rich and decadent and full of Irish Cream flavor. It’s the something special your next brunch menu needs to make your guests feel like royalty!

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