How to make 5 Easy Summer Sangria Recipes

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Batch summer cocktails don’t get much tastier than sangria! Find a new favorite with our guide to How to Make 5 Easy Summer Sangria Recipes!

Image of 4 sangria recipes using fruit, rosé and white wines.Mention sangria and most people think of the classic Spanish version of the drink – a red wine, citrus juice, liquor and fruit concoction. Definitely delicious, but during the summer, we like our sippers to be a little bit lighter and brighter. Think white and rosé wines in place of the red wine and fresh berries, juicy melons and peaches in lieu of oranges and apples. Are you thirsty yet? Get all the details with our tips for How to Make 5 Easy Summer Sangria Recipes.

Tips for How to Make Sangria:

1) Pick a cheap bottle of wine
Well, not too cheap, but feel free to grab that bottle of wine on sale for $9 or $10. Vintage and barrel number don’t matter in sangria recipes because the flavor is so influenced by the fruit and other ingredients. No need to break the bank when you make sangria.
2) Be patient
It’s tempting to want to pour yourself a tall, icy glass of sangria right after you make it, but try to refrain. Giving the sangria time to “rest” and allowing all the flavors to meld together is what gives sangria its unique, delicious flavor.
3) Garnish with bubbles and plenty of ice
Not all sangria recipes call for club soda or a carbonated wine, but we think every sangria recipe benefits from a little bit of bubbles. And ice. Always remember to serve sangria over ice.

Summer Sangria Recipes:

Glass of Peach Rosé Sangria with peach slices and raspberries floating in the glass. Pitcher of sangria in the background.
A nip of brandy gives this Peach Rosé Sangria a bit more heft than others – perfect for people who think sangria is too foo-foo for them.

Two glasses of Cucumber Melon Sangria with a pitcher of Cucumber Melon Sangria in the background.
Are you a gin fan? This Cucumber Melon Sangria sangria – made with refreshing cucumber, honeydew melon and mint – is a must try!

Two glasses of Sangria Lemonade with pitcher in background. Garnished with lemons, oranges and apple.
Our Sangria Lemonade combines the best of both worlds. Made with lemon-flavored rum, this cocktail goes down just a little too easy.

Rosé Elderflower Sangria over ice served with melon balls and mint leaves! Perfect batch cocktail!
We are unabashed fans of elderflower liqueur, so it only makes sense that our lazy summer nights are spent sipping on this Elderflower Sangria made with cantaloupe and watermelon.

Picture of glass of Pineapple Sangria with pineapple slices, limes and basil. Also pictured is a pitcher of Pineapple Sangria in the background.
Ever had pineapple and basil together? They make up the killer flavor combination in this 6-ingredient Pineapple Sangria recipe. It’s the ultimate thirst quencher on a hot summer day.

Not sure how to make sangria? Check out our tips for how to make 5 Easy Summer Sangria Recipes!

Large Pitcher Sangria Lemonade on a dark background of Summer Sangria Recipes.

How to make 5 Easy Summer Sangria Recipes

Batch summer cocktails don’t get much tastier than sangria! Find a new favorite with our guide to How to Make 5 Easy Summer Sangria Recipes!

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