6 Easy Prosecco Cocktails for any Party

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Need a signature cocktail for your soiree? Serve one of these 6 Easy Prosecco Cocktails that are perfect for any party!

Easy Prosecco Cocktails in coupe glasses and champagne flutesAdd a healthy dose of bubbles to your next bash with these 6 Easy Prosecco Cocktails. Any one of them would be the perfect start – or end – to your party plans.

Prosecco vs. Champagne

Prosecco is Italy’s version of Champagne. We love to use Prosecco in our sparkling cocktails for a few reasons:

  • It’s typically less expensive than Champagne making it more cost-effective when you need to buy several bottles of sparkling wine for your guests.
  • Prosecco often has a lighter, fruitier flavor than Champagne and easily mixes with ingredients like fruit juices and other liquors.

Choose one recipe and serve a signature Prosecco Cocktail at your party or create an easy Prosecco Cocktail buffet complete with recipe cards and all the ingredients your guests need to serve themselves. However you choose to celebrate, you’ll be toasting the night in tasty style with these 6 Easy Prosecco Cocktails for any party.

Two coupe glasses filled with Ginger Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktails.

Once you get past the gorgeous color of this Ginger Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktail, the combination of spicy ginger liqueur, tangy grapefruit juice, and sparkling Prosecco will keep you coming back for more.

Two stemless champagne flutes filled with Cranberry Orange Prosecco Cocktails. Garnished with fresh cranberries and orange peels.

In our Cranberry Orange Prosecco Cocktail, we take a classic flavor combination – cranberries and oranges – and give it a bubbly boost that is irresistible.


This Gin, Elderflower and Prosecco Cocktail is sure to make any gathering festive!

A sugar-coated rim is a crowning touch to this popular Gin Elderflower and Prosecco Cocktail. It’s a must make for any celebration this season.

This Grand Orange Mimosa gets a flavor upgrade with the addition of Grand Marnier to give your traditional mimosa recipe a decadent twist.

Crisp, clean and refreshing, this Elderflower French 75 is just what your brunch ordered.

Elderflower liqueur adds a floral note to gin, lemon juice and Prosecco in this Elderflower French 75 cocktail. Light, refreshing and super sippable!

This Pomegranate Prosecco Cocktail is the perfect way to toast the holiday season!

A bit of rum ensures there is more to this Pomegranate Prosecco Cocktail than meets the eye. You can even float a few pomegranate arils in the drink for some added fun.

6 Easy Prosecco Cocktails for any Party

Need a signature cocktail for your soiree? Serve one of these 6 Easy Prosecco Cocktails that are perfect for any party!

Celebrate the holidays in style with any one of these 6 Easy Prosecco Cocktails!

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