5 Easy Tailgating Recipes

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Make your pre-game party a snap with these 5 Easy Tailgating Recipes. 

Image of seven layer dips for 5 Easy Tailgating Recipes.

The hint of fall in the air can only mean one thing….

It’s football season! 

Growing up in Nebraska, football dominated our social calendar in the fall. It was always high school ball on Friday night followed college ball on Saturday. Now that I live in Minnesota, I can catch professional football on Sundays, too. All football, all the time. Which also means tailgating ALL.THE.TIME. 

Some may argue that a tailgating party is even better than watching your favorite teams battle it out on the gridiron. I won’t step into that hornet’s nest. Let’s just all eat, drink and be merry – inside or outside the stadium. 

Don’t miss five of our favorite quick and easy tailgating recipes to kick off your football season in a tasty way. 

Bloody Mary Bar complete with vodka, , shrimp, salami, olives and cheese for garnishes.

1. Bloody Mary

Sometimes tailgating can start eaaaaarly, so what better way to coax you out of bed than the prospect of a Bloody Mary? Load up your drink with enough veggies, and breakfast is served! 

Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip is the perfect tailgating food.

2. Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip

I looked up Buffalo Chicken in the dictionary, and it said “Football food” right there in its definition. True story. 

Image of Individual 7 layer dips in glass jars with fresh cilantro, black olives and pico de gallo for garnish.
3. Individual Seven Layer Dips

These Individual Seven Layer Dips are completely portable, making them perfect party food for mixing and mingling. (Not to mention you can make them ahead of time.) 

Picture of Grilled Italian Sausages on a blue plate. Sausages are wrapped in grilled flatbreads and garnished with a roasted tomato, asiago cheese and basil relish.

4. Grilled Italian Sausage Wraps

Need something more substantial to last you through the whole game? Look no further than these Italian Sausage Hoagies. Simple and packed with flavor, no one will guess these bad boys are made with better-for-you turkey sausage.  

Salty Caramel Pecan Oatmeal Cookie Bars

5. Salty Caramel Pecan Oatmeal Cookie Bars

Victory may have evaded your team this week, but you’ll still come out a winner with these Salty Caramel Pecan Oatmeal Cookie Bars. Losing never tasted so sweet. 

5 Easy Tailgating Recipes

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    Oh goodness…I wish we had a football team to count on. I grew up in KC so with KU/KSU and Chiefs…it always seems to be a hit or miss. But these recipes are far from it. Yum!

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    Great little round-up! I love those seven layer cups!

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    I can attest that your buffalo chicken dip and Italian sausage hoagies are the best!! I plan on making them again for tailgating and will have to try the others to enjoy while cheering on my teams. Go gators!!! Geaux saints! And I also say go navy for my husband 🙂


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