Tuesday Tip: Fresh Citrus Juice

I use a lot of fresh lemon and lime juice when I cook, especially as spring approaches and I’m craving foods with lighter, brighter flavors. A squeeze of juice here and there makes such a difference in so many dishes. I know it’s tempting to leave fresh juice out of a recipe if you don’t have it on hand, but with a little planning, you can always have some in reserve. 

Buy a load of lemons or limes when they go on sale at the grocery store (or else buy them in bulk at Costco.) Then come home and start juicing away. Freeze the fresh juice in ice cube trays, and you have perfect portions for many recipes. Defrost the amount you need whenever you need it. (For example, when the temperatures start to rise and you’re craving that first margarita of the season on the patio….not that I have any experience with that.) 

Check out these other tasty uses for fresh citrus juice from around the web:

Low Carb Avgolemeno (Greek Chicken, Lemon & Egg Soup) from I Breathe I’m Hungry 

Tabbouleh from A Cedar Spoon 

Roasted Lemon Butter Red Potatoes from Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish 

Raspberry Lemonade Crumb Squares from The Brunette Baker 

Citrus Dressing from The Vanilla Bean Blog 


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    I love citrus (especially lemon). It can take a dish from good to great. Thanks for including my tabbouleh recipe. I also love avgolemeno soup so I just might have to try that one!

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