Our 1st #GWL5Faves + Reader Survey!

Introducing our new blog series, #GWL5Faves, and the 2014 Reader Survey! 



A few weeks ago I was looking for something from Lisa in my string of text messages when I started to chuckle. 

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. We chat about a LOT of things. 

Yes, there is a large number of blog-related texting, but there are also long strings of texts that have absolutely nothing to do with Garnish with Lemon. Things like scoring a great deal on wine at our favorite liquor store, weighing in on the merits of prefinished hardwood floors, “Grrrrr…..I can’t find my black tank top!!”, and the *occasional* frustration with our kids. You know, really important, world peace-like stuff. 

In the end, we appreciate another perspective and sympathetic ear. So in the spirit of sharing things we’ve discovered and building our Garnish with Lemon community, we’re opening up our texts to you, our wonderful readers. Well, not literally, but that’s the inspiration for our new blog series, #GWL5Faves. Once or twice a month, we’ll choose five of our favorite finds, gadgets, musings, etc., and share them with you. Our hope is that you guys can learn a little more about us, and you can share some of your favorites with us, too! 

So without further adieu, here’s the inaugural edition of our latest crushes.


1. Rosé wines: I don’t know what took me so long to get on the Rosé wine bandwagon, but I’m officially there to stay. I’m guessing it took just the right wine to dispel my fears of “pink” wine, and this 2013 Mas Des Bressades Cuvée Tradition Rosé is one of my favorite sippers this summer. And at $12/bottle, it doesn’t break the bank, either. (AS)

2. iOstand: What did I do without this iPad stand? I use it all.the.time in the kitchen. I love how much it elevates the iPad so I’m not constantly craning my neck to see what’s on the screen. Super sturdy, too. (AS)

3. Great Summer Read: Summer isn’t over yet! Are you still looking for a really good beach read? You must (yes, must!) read We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart. It’s the perfect summer page turner. But do yourself a favor, just buy the book and read it, don’t read anything about it. Promise. You don’t want any spoilers. And if you want to chat about it after you have finished, let me know. (LR)

4. Lightweight earrings: A few months ago we had a conversation at book club about the need for fun lightweight earrings. I love those big statement earrings, but they do a number on my earring holes. Not to mention that they can be super heavy after a while. Anyone else in the same camp? So rather than sacrifice my body in the name of fashion (I’m far too old for that game), I’m on the prowl for larger earrings that won’t weigh me down. Of course I turned to Etsy for loads of options. I have my eye on these threader hoops and these laser cut wood earrings. What do you think? (AS)

5. Perfect Summer Pitcher: Is your refrigerator packed with as much stuff as mine? Believe me I wish I had an industrial sized one (so does Kevin; the size of our fridge can be a point of contention in our house). But things are much easier with this fabulous pitcher from Crate and Barrel. Fill it up and store it anywhere, even on it’s side! It won’t leak and make a mess in your fridge, plus it helps optimize space. #winning.  (LR)


Wait! Wait! Before you go…. 

2014 Garnish with Lemon Reader Survey

We’re also kicking off our 2nd annual Garnish with Lemon reader survey today. We’d really appreciate if you took just a few minutes to fill out the form HERE. Your responses help us shape the site to best meet the needs of you guys, our readers. THANK YOU!!! 


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