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Chinese Stir-Fried Green Beans

Posted by on Aug 23, 2014 in All, Sides and Salads, Sponsored | 1 comment

Stumped for a new way to serve green beans? These Chinese Stir-Fried Green Beans are a savory twist on an old favorite. 

Farmer's Market - Garnish with Lemon

I remember going to the “farmer’s market” as a kid in Nebraska. 

Once a week during the last half of summer, a handful of farmers would line up their pickup trucks in the local mall parking lot and sell sweet corn from the back of their trucks. Occasionally there would be other produce, mostly tomatoes, peppers, maybe some homemade canned pickles or a freshly baked good like a roll or pie. 

If you wanted some of our famous “Norfolk melons”, you’d have to drive a few miles out of town to where the farmer parked his truck on the side of the road. It was truly the definition of “farm to table”.  

Farmer's Market - Garnish with Lemon

Today I live in a large suburb of the Twin Cities, and we have a fantastic farmer’s market at the community center just about a mile from my house with a dizzying array of local goods available for sale. But it’s definitely more than just a place to buy fresh produce. There are food trucks, lawn games, kiddie crafts and live music at the bandshell. They even have themed weeks with attractions such as classic car shows. My kids love to go because there is so much to see and do. I love the quality and variety of produce available, everything from exotic Asian vegetables (that I have to ask the vendor how to use) to the standard summer classics like potatoes, onions and green beans. 

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Easy Slow Cooker Meatball Subs

Posted by on Aug 18, 2014 in All, Main Dishes | 6 comments

These Easy Slow Cooker Meatball Subs take the guesswork – and effort – out of dinner tonight! 

Easy Slow Cooker Meatball Subs

Easy. Slow Cooker. Meatball. Subs. 

Do I even need to say anything more? 

That’s the whole package right there, isn’t it? At least it is in my house. Cheesy goodness for my son. Saucy meatballs for my husband. Toasty bread for my daughter. And – the best part – EASY for me! 

These Easy Slow Cooker Meatball Subs are a quick, crowd-pleasing meal that will be immediately jettisoned to top billing on your list of simple weeknight meals. 

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23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas

Posted by on Aug 14, 2014 in All, Tips | 16 comments

Need mealtime inspiration? Check out these 23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas.


23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas | Garnish with Lemon


Most of us have a few last minute meals that we whip out of our back pockets when life is crazy and kids are hungry. But, if you’re anything like me, I find myself relying on the same handful of recipes when time is tight. (A girl can only eat so many tacos, you know?) So in an effort to arm ourselves with new recipe inspiration for the busy school year, Lisa and I combed the internet for some fresh takes on the evening meal. Check out what we found in this collection of 23 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas.

Want even more? Our ebook, The Well-Stocked Pantry, is stocked with 15 more of our tried-and-true, family favorite meals. Don’t miss it! 


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Cheesy Apple Bacon Breakfast Quesadillas

Posted by on Aug 13, 2014 in All, Breakfast, Sponsored | 20 comments

Jumpstart your morning with nutritious Cheesy Apple Bacon Breakfast Quesadillas.

Cheesy Apple Bacon Breakfast Quesadilla
Anybody else have kids who don’t like eggs? Bridget is the non-egg-eater in our house, and her egg aversion makes getting a quality, protein-filled breakfast in her belly before school even more challenging. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised; I wasn’t an egg eater as a kid, either, so I’m hopeful her palate will grow with her over the years. In the meantime, my school day dilemma consists of jumpstarting her morning with enough breakfast fuel to last through ’til lunch. Fortunately she’s a cheese lover, so Bridget and these (mom-approved) Cheesy Apple Bacon Breakfast Quesadillas are now breakfast besties. 

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23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Posted by on Aug 9, 2014 in All, Breakfast, Tips | 4 comments

Kick off the school year in delicious fashion with these 23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas.

23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas | Garnish with Lemon

I get the shivers just thinking about the mad morning scrambles that are about to ensue with the start of the new school year. As much as I plan and encourage the kids to have everything they need ready to go, it’s inevitable that one (or both!) of them will have 5-alarm fire drill right before we’re ready to walk out the door. Some things are just out of my control. Fortunately breakfast isn’t one of them. If you’re looking for inspiration to break from the soggy cereal habit (no judging, we’ve all been there), check out this variety-packed list of 23 Back to School Breakfast Ideas for some tasty new ways to jumpstart the school year.

Now THIS is the part of going back to school that I can get excited about…breakfast! 

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